What Is My Hero Essay

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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” This was a quote by Christopher Reeve. Not everyone can be a hero, you must have certain qualities and values that make you a hero in someones eyes. My hero is Logic also known as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II he is a very well known 28 year old rapper, songwriter, and producer. This is my hero because we share very similar values and had a similar upbringing. Not to mention we both have the same birthday month which is January. His values show through his music which are equality between race, religion, overall staying positive and remaining humble. The way he carries himself inspires me to be like him and the positivity he gives off in tough situations is a great quality he has…show more content…
I have the exact same feeling about the subject I was taught and just always felt that aside from race, gender, and religion we are all humans and deserve to be treated equally. His characteristics are positive and humble which I aspire to be like him because of the things he went through in his past it only made him stronger in the end and when it comes to him talking about his experiences he is positive and when it comes to him dealing with his success and money he is humble and those are great qualities to have.
Ultimately, not everyone can be a hero and not every hero is some made up character, a hero is someone who you look up to and share the same values with. Logic and I share four main values which are equality when it comes to race and religion, positivity especially in the toughest situations, and humbleness. These are admirable values he and I both have which makes me look up to him as an inspiration. Not all heroes wear capes, mine wears nasa
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