Essay About My Legacy

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“......And the most confident, caring, cheerful, creative, nature loving person award goes to!.......” Can you imagine listening to that speech and then the person being announced was you!? That would be your legacy. It would be with you forever. That would be how people would know you. Think about some traits of yours, positive or negative, next take out the traits that were chosen in that little speech and then put in yours. Next replay that little speech in your head and think “Is that how I want to be known? Is that what I want to leave behind once I am not around to change it.” I know that want to make sure that my legacy will be great and positive. I wish for my legacy to be all positive things about me. I want to be a role model to my little sister and to all the kids that might look up to me. In order to do that I must be kind, caring, cheerful, and also hardworking to show that other wise you will not get anywhere in life if you do not work hard in school and in all things. When I am older I want to have people say “Oh yeah I know Ashley! She was the best veterinarian for my pets that I ever had, she is so nice and cares a lot for them! I highly recommend her!” That is my goal for people to say those kind of things about me because then my goal of becoming a vet will be very much achieved as well as my goal of being a good over all person. No one can get…show more content…
Well, I’m different. What is important to me is my education, my family, my friends, etc. I believe that my education is a big part of life because otherwise you have no background to succeed in a career. Also, my family and friends support me in whatever I do which boosts up my confidence so then I can succeed more in different things. Over all, the things that are important to me are a very big part of my
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