How I Spent My Life Analysis

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I once spent a year in Mexico, it was the longest period of time I had ever spent away from my parents but it was also the greatest time of my entire life. I went to Mexico because I wasn’t doing well back home I dropped out of school because I got sick and my life had reached a point where nothing positive was happening around me and so I decided I really needed a change of pace. I went to live with some family in Mexico and it was the best decision I have ever made with my life to this day. I immediately felt change when I got there my family despite not having seen me in four years was very welcoming, they were genuinely glad to have me there. My first few weeks in mexico were slow, I was still trying to find something productive to do with my time, something that I would love to do and something that could help me grow and mature.…show more content…
At first my family didn’t want me to work on the farm with my cousins, they said it was too much hard work for me and that I could get hurt but I convinced them into letting me work on the farm. Working on that farm was a beautiful journey that I could never under any circumstances forget, every day was filled with unique experiences I learned to do so many new things that I never expected to be able to do. I had so much fun working with my cousins, it wasn’t easy, everything we did together turned into a competition, it became routine for me and I began to love working hard. We worked hard every day of the week, there are no breaks for dairy farmers the cows have to be fed on christmas too, we worked in the fields every day doing anything and everything we had to do for the good of our
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