Personal Narrative: Defining Moments In My Life

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In a matter of seconds, the course of your life could be altered irreversibly forever. An individual’s defining moment can come at any point in your life in a variety of ways. As you continue to age, the number of these special experiences will accumulate. The moments that define you will pave the way for your future. It was in the summer of second grade when my mother decided to bring me out of the country to visit my father and spend two months in Dubai. At that time, it has almost been two years since I’ve last met my father. I was seven years old, and we had so much to talk about. I was ecstatic because our family was getting together again after almost two long years. I told him of my academic achievements: acquiring a gold eagle,…show more content…
I felt the adrenaline rush through my body. I started moving my limbs erratically. Water began to enter my lungs, and I was unable to establish my composure. I could barely keep myself afloat. The sea water splashed against my eyes. I could taste the salty flavor of the sea. I can vividly remember that I was crying for help, but my cry was muffled by the ocean waves. I was borderline drowning. There was one thing on my mind: death. My life had never been at risk before this. I didn’t fear a horrible death up until that point. The thought of me dying at such a young age never crossed my mind. Luckily, my father was still watching over me from a distance. He told me that as soon as he saw my head submerged underwater; he called for my elder brother at the top of his lungs. Luckily, my elder brother was nothing like me regarding swimming capability. He was a competitive swimmer, but more importantly, he came to my rescue. I can remember having my chest pushed above the water and being dragged away from the sea. All I could remember afterward was my father placing me against his chest, as he was vigorously patting my back so I could regulate my breathing and cough out the
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