Personal Narrative: The Qualities That Changed My Life

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"You 're going to be a mom," where the words that changed my life forever. A million questions and emotions surging through my mind at the speed of light. A mom, a title and responsibility that I would carry with great poise and grace, the way my mother had carried it while raising me. Three qualities I admired in my own mother and would carry with me into motherhood was her resilience, compassion and ability to be a parent and a friend. That day was the beginning of my adventure into motherhood, and what an adventure it would be.
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," a phrase that seems as old as time, but a phrase that I have truly incorporated into my life. Having lost both of my parents, my faith and spirit had been as fragile as
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It allowed me to appreciate, relate to and cherish things in a completely different way. When I look into the maple brown eyes of my daughter or reflect back on the memories of my parents, it inspires me to be the best me that I can be. I think about all the sacrifices my parents made for me, how my dad took the time out to teach me how to ride a bike and how my mom would give me band-aids and kisses when I fell off just to make me feel better. That brings a warmth into me that I want to share with others. Every day I try to make myself disposable to others in that same way, rather its taking time out to go to the park with my daughter or reading her a story before she goes to bed. Or rather its taking the time to be patient with my coworkers and understand their opinions and concerns in order to let them know that they are a valued member of our team overall. I have learned to live my life in a way to make others feel how I want to feel. It brings me great pride to see my daughter also doing these things at a young age. Taking time out to volunteer in the community and sacrifice for those in greater need than
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