Essay About My Optimism

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Where are my roots of optimism. The word optimism goes all the way back to the 1700s. A man named Gottfried Leibniz, believes in the Christian God. He thought God does things for the best and we should just accept what happens in life and act accordingly. Through his strong belief came the creation of Philosophical Optimism. Philosophical Optimism is looking at all things positive, no matter how bad things may be. With this belief, Leibniz, through his discoveries in science and mathematics, was able to create calculus. This concludes how optimism first started with a man with strong religious beliefs and powerful knowledge. We all have our own ways of how optimism came into our lives. Optimism for me became very prominent in my early childhood life. One reason why is because of Taekwondo. I learned discipline and respect through my Taekwondo instructor. During that time, I knew if I did not perform at my best, I would be scolded by the instructor. It was a scary thing to know for the seven year old in me, but I had to fight my way through it and practice. With this determination, I endured very hard conditioning to perform to my best ability no matter how hard the…show more content…
My mother told me she would always put classical music on when I was a baby. Now I play the violin in my school’s orchestra. In the future, I definitely want to minor in violin. Evidently, music helps me cope with relieving stress and focusing on a certain task. Music affects not only me, but all of us in this world. Imagine listening to sad music, music that just makes you want to tear up or the jolly Christmas music that wants to make you get up and dance. This clearly explains how music plays with your emotions easily. Optimism affiliates with music by making you have a happy feeling inside of yourself. This is what playing the violin does for me. It gives me joy. Playing the violin is what gives me
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