My Self Concept Essay

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In a world where lives are born and taken every second, I think back to my childhood and my earliest memory is my parents divorce, but there 's so much more to me than just that. Who I am and how I got here today is a collaboration of many more memories. My parents divorce, my siblings, friendships I’ve made and lost, achievements and failures, and my future goals and aspirations. Ultimately, all of this makes, and has made, me. It is a collection of influences, experiences, and memories that make up all of us, as individuals. This is the story of my self-concept.
Self-concept can be defined as “your overall perception of who you are” (McCornack 39). The development of any person 's self-concept begins when important components of one 's life begins to take place. For example, my brother and I are three years apart, I can’t remember my life before him. He helped me to develop in many ways, we developed together. We grew up with the same family, which means that we grew up living with the same rules and the same guidelines for life, given to us by our parents. Our parents taught us
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I’ve learned that school itself also holds many life lessons in which shape my self-concept. School has made me focused and determined. I’ve set some unrealistic goals, but have seemed to achieve many of them with sheer determination. Guidance from teachers and peers has had a big influence. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and proved to myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. After highschool, I plan to attend college, I’m not sure where yet, or what exactly I am going to go for. I have learned that money doesn 't buy happiness. I will be in a career that I love first, that I enjoy going to everyday of my life, and one that I can make an impact on this world for the better. School is a key component in my road map for life, because it gets me to my end
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