Essay About My Success

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Successfull is a universal thing which every single person in this world can pursue with their own way. Like a dream, as long as they give their best effort and commitment, it is not impossible for them to make it come to their life. Nevertheless, each person has their own perspective in defining what successfull is. Some of them may think that people are having their successful when they can get everything they want, have a good position or status either in their workplace or in the society. For me, Successful is not about having much money or geting the highest place in society. It is about the process to know myself better and have a brave to actualize what really I am. The process that has brought me to the achievements I never thought I would have in my life. 2009 was the starting point of the process of being me. This was the year when I had my first failure in my life (in education). I was an English Major student in the University of Lampung that think I was not fit enough with my major since I really wanted to be an accountant at that time. I decided to take the entry test of the State Institution of Accounting (STAN), but…show more content…
I got ‘E’ grade in this subject and urge me to retake this class next year. I was so hopeless and thought that it was impossible to graduate that year. I asked the chieve of the English Department whether I could retake the subject and take the thesis in the same semester or not. God heard my prayer, my lecturer told me that according to the new curriculum the subject I failed in was moved to even semester and I could retake the subject while taking the thesis. I did my best to pay the failure I did in the previous semster, and finally I could pass both of subjects, graduated that year, and became the best graduate. It strengthen my beliefe in the hadits “man shobaro zhafira” which means those who have patient will get the
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