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My writing process and the process described by the authors are the same in many ways. Just like the book I carefully read the assignment to make sure I understand what I’m supposed to do. Then I try to come up with a topic that I want to write about. I also like to brainstorm ideas and from there I start writing. The difference between our processes is that I don’t do as many of writing process that they describe like looping, drawing, or clustering. Also I don’t go into great depth when it comes to planning my essay. I like to quickly generate some ideas in my head and start writing my paper in a quiet environment. I could improve on my prewriting and planning by taking more time to write my ideas.

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In just a split second everything in my life can changed. There are many things that I take for granted without even thinking about it and she was one of them. I still remember that day it was a Monday and at school that meant homecoming week and todays theme was camo. She wore a pink and camo shirt that she just bought the day prior and a pair of Miss Me jeans. Today’s activities were like any other waking up early sitting in class watching the clock slowly tick by and then coming home and doing homework. Something about today seemed different. I
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My sister Czarrah was on the way home from float building in the back seat of her friend’s truck. As they were crossing the intersection a teenager also leaving the high school speeds past a red light. He hits the back side of the vehicle where she was sitting.
2. It was cool, dark, and the sky was clear. It was a late Monday night in the middle of an intersection five minutes from home.
3. When the other driver hit their truck it spun around and the impact threw her out of the window and onto the cold, dark, and hard street. Leaving her hurt, bloody, unconscious, and hanging on for dear life.
4. Don’t take anything for granted because in just a split second anything can

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