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In my mind, I see myself as an adequate writer. I've always love the thought of writing anything, because it lets me create an innovative story using my own experience and imagination. I may not be the best writer but I do believe that my writing style doesn't require too much work. Also, there is the fact that I love to write , which makes it easier on me to complete them as assignments and not as a chore. However ;I'm not going to say that all writing is all fun, it has its moments when it can be very unbearable.

The first time I ever became truly engage in writing was in the 11th grade. My class in I were assigned a standardized writing exam about a persuasive topic chosen by the district , and let's just say it didn't go too well. Unfortunately, I failed the exam because I didn't organize the paragraph properly and I lacked
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One in particular would be that I get writers block. I'm always able to start a paper, blade when it comes to finishing I never know where to go with them. I would have a million and one great thoughts in my head, but I'm not proficient at getting them onto the paper. However, i have thought of many ways to improve these impurities. And I have decided to start using a flow chart to organize my ideas in help me stay on topic so that I don't stray and get writers block.

Verbally expressing my papers are what excel in, because it gives me a chance to express what I have written in a broader tone. So that my fellow peers will understand the point that I am trying to convey. Aside from my trials and errors with my writing skills, one thing that has lead me to never giving up is that I know that with practice I will one day be great.

I've always had a dream of becoming an author and a dentist. In my book I would explain my journey as an author, and how I was inspired to always keep trying because the sky is the limit. Also, these skills will help me write my dissertation to become
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