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Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s first black president, he is a South African icon and he led the way for all dark skinned africans which faced diversity. Mandela helped the african community like no other did, he is still looked up to by many young children, teenagers and adults around the world. Nelson was not his birth name, it was Rolihlahla and Nelson was given to him at school.

Early life
In Nelson Mandela’s early life he moved around from village to village a far bit, these villages consisted of narrow grassley valleys, with no roads and he lived in a hut living off the local harvest of sorghum, beans and pumpkin. Water came from springs and streams. Mandela would spend the days outside with friends making toys from tree branches and clay. He was the first in his family to undertake school, due to the bias of the educational system the
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At nine years old his father died of lung cancer, causing his life to change drastically. He was adopted by his father’s friend Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo, a gesture done as a favour. At 16, Mandela moved to a new village. He thrived in his new sophisticated surroundings, he took part of studying English, Xhosa (a South African language), history and geography. This was where he took a great interest in African history, he had learned how the African people had lived in peace and shared all their products with the white people and then white people would take all for themselves.
Mid life
July 18th, 2009 (Mandela’s birthday) was declared Mandela day. This was made to promote global and celebrate the South African legacy. Mandela’s legacy will forever live on and what he had done for the South African will never be matched. Mandela became greatly involved in the anti-apartheid movement, he joined the congress and a small group of young africans to create the African National Congress Youth League.
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