Essay About New Year Resolution

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This year I’ve decided to make some interesting new year 's resolutions.Starting with my personal improvement I chose to change my appearance.Mostly because my girlfriend needs a handsome boyfriend to show off.My other resolution involving family and friends is being more nice to my girlfriend Jayla B.,it’s the little things that matter and I want to make her feel like a princess again,like the one she already is.My main new year 's resolution this year is to be much more smart and get my assignments in time.Starting with this one of course I want to hold only A-grades no B’s or C’s nothing like that I only want A’s,I’m determined at this point and you better believe I will have only A’s.What I mostly need is to never give up,I normally get lazy and procrastinate a lot which really…show more content…
Lastly what I want to do in school is to get better grades and attend all my classes no matter the costs.My most important new year’s resolution to better myself to get better grades for a brighter future.I need to graduate with honors so in reality my resolution is to be smarter when you completely think about it.I feel like this maybe my most important new year’s resolution firstly because I’m going through with it and second of all there ain’t no one who 's going to stop me.Only difference with this resolution is I don’t plan to do it for anyone except for myself so this resolution is straight up about me and my career which is in the dental field.Steps to take are to focus on my school work and homework cause one big problem about last year was I didn’t care but now I do.Even my girlfriend Jayla said to put my studies before her and that’s deep coming from my girlfriend.One bad thing about this is the fact I need to read which I suck at I don’t even like to read what I write but that has to change is I want a better grade in this or any other class cause in the end it’s my life.Over all I cannot believe I’m barely starting now I’m such a goofball but I’m not wasting
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