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New Year is happily celebrated by people around the world. Just after Christmas is over, people start preparing for the New Year. Some people are happy to spend some quality time with their friends and family where as other wishes to organize party with dance, D.J , drink and delicious food. People staying in various parts of the world have different ways of celebrating their new year. Apart from enjoyment and fun, there are some tradition which is followed by the people staring in different countries of the world. Weirdest New Year Customs Great Ball of fire – Scotland If you visit Scotland during the New Year, you will get to discover a strange custom of the people residing there. They have a custom of walking through the street in parade style during the New Year eve along…show more content…
If the guess is right, they think this to be a good luck for the coming year. Graveyard camp –Chile Another surprising culture adopted by the people staying in Chile during the new years is getting the company of their dead relatives. On the New Year eve, the graveyard is opened and thousands of people gathers from various parts to the graveyard, lights candles and makes the dark go away with the charm of light. Classical music is also played to give the dead relatives full enjoyment. Mass kissing – Venice During the New Year, Venice celebrates by kissing one another. At St Mark’s square, decoration with lights and fireworks is carried on and all people assembling kisses one another to greet during the new year. Under water tree planting – Siberia Siberia is a place with very cold weather condition. On the New Year, they have a custom of planting trees deep under water. Since, the lakes are covered by snow in their surface, the individuals cut hole and dive down and get down at the bottom of the lake and plant trees. Throwing furniture – south

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