Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

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Nikola Tesla
A man who changed the world for the good was Nikola Tesla. Some people may not know who Nikola Tesla is, but people do say is that he is the most interesting man in the world. Nikola Tesla ideas and inventions have dramatically changed the world.
Nikola Tesla's early life taught him most of the skills that he would need to be an successful inventor. Tesla was born in July 1856 in a village in the Austrian Empire(Alex). On a rainy day in July 1856,Tesla's mother Djuka Mandic gave birth to him, along with his father Milutin Tesla (Newell). After he was born,he started his primary education in Realschule, Karlstadt where he was taught in German (Alex). When he was younger, he nearly died from a case of cholera (Alex).Which in terms made him more
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One of the many ideas that Tesla invented was the X-Ray (Alex). Without out this invention the medical field would dramatically be impacted from not having the X-ray machine (Newell). The reason why the medical field would be different without it is because medical professionals would not be able to detect broken bones without it (Alex). One Tesla's inventions that hit the market was ac electricity (Newell). One of the most beneficial inventions that he made the United States Military still uses,the other invention of Teslas that we still use is transmitting radios (Burgan 58). The way that we imply it is so we know if there is other boats nearby or cook your food for you to eat (Burgan 58). One of the problems that Tesla faced was not having enough support for his projects (Newell). Another pitfall that Tesla had was his work being burnt down in his laboratory in Colorado Springs (Newell). One of the biggest events in Tesla's life was that he moved to the United states from Croatia when he was 28 (Newell). Nikola Tesla ideas and inventions have greatly changed the world to what it is
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