Personal Narrative: My Roots Of Optimism

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My roots of optimism can come from many different things and many different places. These things don’t have to be good to give me optimism. One thing that gives me optimism is when I had a stress fracture and bruised a bone in my foot last year. That might seem like something that would make me have less optimism, but that’s not true at all. It shows me that I can get over things even if they seem impossible or hard. When I hurt my foot I was in a boot for 3 ½ months, and it seemed like it would be on forever, and I was never going to get better. The thing is, it didn’t last forever. As you can see I am standing up here with no boot, no crutches, perfectly fine. This gives me optimism because it shows that you can get through hard times, even if it seems like it will never end. That example is more specific to me, but my…show more content…
One of my favorite books, Fish in a Tree, is a great book that gives me optimism. It is about a girl named Ally who has dyslexia, so she can’t read or write. Ally has to stay optimistic as she learns to read. One of the parts of the book that especially inspires me is when her teacher says “Everyone is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.” This can give me lots of optimism because it is completely true. If you judge yourself on something that you are bad at you will live your life being sad and unsuccessful. If you live your life focusing on being optimistic and looking at all the things you are great at, you will live a much better life. In this book, Ally learns that lots of history’s great minds had dyslexia. People such as Steven Spielberg, Mohammad Ali, Albert Einstein, Picasso, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, George Washington, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Jefferson. (Probably shouldn’t use all of these
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