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One day, my life began to mimic a hamster on a wheel running nowhere quick, the longer I would run, the further I would become from myself, and yet, I kept running. In other words, my life had become more about pleasing others rather than serving the greatness that came from within, my higher-self. Rather than moving according to self, I chose to adapt to others, although it meant ignoring my commitment to my higher-self. Consequently, the more I ran from my feelings the further disconnected I became from myself. This journey we call life was swallowing me up just as a whale does his food at feeding time. Then one day, I witnessed my brother’s inner spirit demonstrating what it meant to abide by something greater than ourselves. My brother…show more content…
Eventually, others desire became my desires separating me from my own, consuming every ounce of self-love leaving me lost and disconnected from myself. I’d run the path of others so long that it distorted what I needed and craved for myself, producing a lack of self-love. This bit of insight revealed, why I didn’t quite understand myself nor what I wanted, highlighting the fact, that I’d created and fed this chaotic cycle every time I chose to meet the needs of others over my own. Nonetheless, I understood why I needed to change this reckless habit of avoiding my commitment to self. Studying my brother as I did, encouraged my transformation, and corrected my steps so that I’ll be a better example for others. In the hope that, one day I’ll be a blessing the same as my brother has been for…show more content…
Understanding ourselves demands an open mind which is some serious work on our end, so prepare to build your faith. However, understanding ourselves also take time, so be patient and forgiving along your journey to others, and most importantly to yourselves. When faced with the unknown allow your institution to guide you according to your purpose because it leads us to the best possible outcomes. More importantly, following our sixth sense not only accomplishes our missions but it also teaches us to build by faith within the unknown. Acknowledging the truth itself is a requirement when walking within it, so please don't deceive yourselves believing the opposite. According to the experiences that I’ve had, the inner-spirit is the only outlet to the truth, so remember to plug in daily. Plugging into the truth means opening up to your inner-being, your Ideal-self, otherwise you cannot genuinely accept nor learn from it. The truth builds character, and that better supports the influences we have among one another. Awakening the truth extends The Powers Of The Helping Hand in us and everything surrounding us at the time. Trust me when I say that the better admirable, more exceptional way of managing our life’s journey is through the eyes of our Divine Creator, our

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