Helping Out In A Pageant's Self-Esteem

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Helping out in your community is greatly meaningful to the people you are helping as well as to colleges who are looking at your resume. Even though others may assume that only one person cannot help a community in a major way, they absolutely can. Even pageant contestants have started their own company that helps a situation that is needed in their community. Not only do pageant contestants help out with their own platform that they pick, they also help out with the organization that the pageant system that they are in is affiliated with in addition. Many will say that pageants are unnecessary and all they accomplish is hurting the contestant’s self-esteem, although there is way more to pageants than meets the eye. Pageants have made themselves…show more content…
Each pageant has every contestant pick their own platform that they have worked on previously to competing in the pageant, this also has to be one that they would love to keep working with after they are crowned or even not crowned. Having a platform means picking out something that needs help in your community as well as in other communities. Being involved with their platforms can range from doing something small related to helping out once a week to getting a group of people to join you as well as building their own business. On top of working with the platform of their choice, they also are obligated to work with the pageants organization’s community involvement. The Miss America’s Organization works with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, they have contributed tens of thousands of community service hours every year as well as raise over $15 million dollars since 2007. On top of helping out in their community pageant contestants are also major role models for kids everywhere. The Miss America Organization has three different age categories, they have Miss, Teen, and Princess. No matter what age someone is, there is always people who are looking up to them. The Miss Kansas Organization has a Sunflower Princess pageant, the age of the girl’s range from 5-12, these girls look up to the Miss contestants as well as the Teens. Having a positive influential role model is extremely crucial to development. In the article “The Importance of Role Models” by Mark Thomas, he talks about how it is important to have good role models in a child’s life, one of the many important points he made was that “Having the correct role model will ensure that we learn to be successful and adaptive in later

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