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Introduction Panama is a part of American nations. This country locates in the north of Colombia and in the south of Costa Rica. Panama City is the capital city of Panama. Panama has tropical weather; the temperature is always below 32 degrees Celsius. The rainy seasons began from April until December. Many rain forests and mangrove swamplands grow in Panama. Republic of Panama is divided into 9 provinces. They use 2 types of currencies, which are Balboa and U.S. Dollar. The government is using constitutional democracy, and lead by a president. Panama has Spanish language for their official language and around 14% English speakers and there is some local language in Panama. 70% of people in Panama are Mestizo race, 14% are American Indian…show more content…
Tamborito is using 3 types of drum that include the high tones, low tones and caja, which is another type of tones. American slaves in the country introduced this dance in the 16th centuries. They use congos, guitar, violin and almirez for the traditional Tamborito band. The hotel will show this traditional dance on every 2-week with the Punto Panameño on another day. For this style is most elegant and the beautiful dance that originated in Isthmus. We offer the guest to dance in this style to reach the characteristics in the music. The music with the wonderful harmony is played by rebec, violin, mejorana, especially Spanish guitar, accordion and 3 different kinds of drums. This dance has more detailed and a bit of improvised, for the guests that want to learn or dance should have a couple because this is a couple…show more content…
Moreover, the hotel that include every for the guest also the good service and facility, they will have a good reaction from the guests such as the positive feedback or comment for the hotel after they use the

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