Essay About Participating In Sports

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If you went around asking people at school if they participated in any type of sport or athletic. “No” will be the most common answer. That can be for many reasons. Most people see athletics as a waste of time and an inconvenience. Unfortunately, not many kids or adults know about the tremendous benefits of participating in athletics. They don’t know that it can help you become a better individual. Everybody should participate in some form of athletics for it allows you to make connections, get in shape, and learn life lessons. First of all, participating in team sports enables you to make tons of friends. Almost everyone of my friends today, I have met through some type of sport. These friends already share similar interests with me because we are both playing the same activity. This leads to a much better…show more content…
First, playing in team sports can teach you a lot about respect. Especially in sports such as basketball, your game is in both the referees and the coaches hands. If you don’t respect them, most likely you will not be playing. So you will learn that being respectful is necessary. Next, team sports can teach you about hard work. Unless you are extremely talented in everything, it is almost impossible to succeed if you don’t put in the work. Most people would agree that playing a sport is more fun if you are better than everyone else. The most effective way to do this is to outwork them. People who participate in athletics figure this out. This will not only help you in sports, but also everything else in your life. Lastly, when playing on a team, you will definitely learn the aspects of teamwork. A team is very much like a machine. You cannot run this this machine with only one or two parts. You must work together if you want to make a desirable product. This is also a great skill to have in the workplace. The amount of life skills that you can apprehend from athletics is
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