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Haim Ginott said “ The search for personal identity is the life task of a teenager.” who am i ? where am i from ? why do i choose the things i say or do? When you're born into the world, you know nothing at all. You have to spend time learning and being molded by your parents until you are old enough to decide for yourself.
Being the oldest child of three isn't easy. You technically are another granny in the house lol. Yea its a load of work you have you teach your younger sibling what's right and what wrong, you have you be a role model for them and teach them the guidelines to life because they sometimes they tend to trust you more than parents and tell you everything.Today i am going to be talking about 20 different objects that i've placed into 4 different categories that represent me.
Category number 1 “ Things i use on a daily basis.” In this category we first start off with my phone. Phone? Part of identity
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Yup just like the other kids in this world i go to school. I have a dream i wanna be a pharmacist , i wanna live in a nice house , i wanna have nice cars and a lot more and the only ways that's possible is if i got to school and get all the knowledge i need for the future. Next is free time now i know i'm not the only one that enjoys free time whether it's in class or at home. It's like you're in your own little world tryna have as much as fun as you can. I love going to the park with my brother and just chilling in the cool breeze playing soccer it's really relaxing and stress easing from all this school work. Lastly in this category i have is going to the temple. I do believe in god. My personal opinion thought i’d get it out the way. Going to the temple and telling god thank you for everything he's blessed me with is just another great feeling and like i said for freetime i think this is another way to forget everything and run away from stress and just enjoy life at the

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