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Many people have faced many problems while learning other languages. One of those problems is personal pronouns. They are very important because they reflect the cultural communication. This research will give an overview of similarities and differences between personal pronouns as subject and object pronouns in English and Vietnamese.
We know that learning other languages is the best way to transmit what you are thinking and your feeling to your other countries’ friends, so that you can build and improve your interconnected relationship. Moreover, you can also learn many and various cultures around the world. But it is not easy to learn a language. Therefore, Comparative Linguistic is a subject which discovers similarities and
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With the number, we can distinguish personal pronouns into singular pronouns and plural pronouns. Singular pronouns refer to only one person or one thing mentioned, such as I, us, her, it, etc. For example: The teacher told her about the changes in information. Plural pronouns refer to more than two people and things, such as they, them, etc. For example: They are pandas.
•Finally, that is gender. Masculine refers to man, such as he, him. Feminine refers to the woman, such as she, her. Neuter refers to which does not live or is not mentioned such as it. And epicene refers to the singular of they.
•Vietnamese personal pronouns
Although Vietnamese personal pronouns are more complicated than English one, we still can divide them into three parts: person, number and gender. According to above table of Vietnamese personal pronouns, we also separate them to two types: true personal pronouns and kinship terms.
As English personal pronouns, in term of person, true personal pronouns in Vietnamese are categorized into first-person, second-person and third-person. In a singular way, first-person pronouns are used to describe one person who is doing or talking, including tôi, ta, tao, mình. In detail, each pronoun just can use in certain
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