Essay About Poaching

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There are many different causes and effects of poaching. Poaching is considered the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game. Poaching isn’t just about trespassing it is also about the taking of game while there are not in season or going over the legal limit to hunt. Some of the worst cases of poaching happen to animals that are very near extinction. Extinction is where a living creature no longer exists on planet earth, because of the absence of the opposite sex for which it can’t breed, or because hunter kill the species so fast that they don't have time to breed and repopulate their herd. Poaching has a long history and an ever growing presence in today society. Some people try to stop this threat against nature by taking action themselves. There are a lot of websites and foundations that one can donate to, in order to help save a certain species. Since poaching is still in occurrence in today's society there is a high chance…show more content…
For it is a major factor in poaching. “The black market is an underground economy that is an online dark market that has an aspect of illegality or is a form of noncompliant behavior with an institutional set of rules.”-Webster Dictionary. In other words the black market is a place where dealers of all sorts go to trade or sell illegal items or contraband. This market is the wood that fires the fuel for poaching. Like stated above, one rhino horn can be sold for three hundred thousand dollars. I found an article on the web that states “How the black market poison helps poachers.” This article which was written by National Geographic, states that there is a Poison found only on the black market that poachers are now using for animals. This poison is spread on some food that the animal eats and slowly kills them off. These problems stated above obviously affect the market in insane ways. They create business on the black market and promote
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