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Owen, A. (2004). Keeping You Safe A Book About Police Officers. Mankato, Minn: Capstone imprint. A Day in the life of a Police officer you see police officers on TV, riding in cars, riding bicycles and, others riding horses. All of them work hard to keep your neighborhood safe. How a police officer spends his day working has much to do with his assignments and, the agency where he works. Police officers can be assigned to uniformed patrol, traffic, investigations (detectives), training, a school resource program, or supervisory duties. I'll focus on the role most people associate with policing, that a uniformed patrol officer does. The day starts out with roll call, twelve minutes before our actual shift start time. Most days are full of typical calls for service. We refer to dispatched calls as “hitches.” We either get immediately dispatched to calls or we begin to patrol until we are dispatched to a call for service or hitch. It is up to the individual officer whether to make lots of traffic stops or stop in at local businesses and say “hello.” Being visible by patrolling areas which are more plagued by crime can, of course, help deter crime in those areas.
Bridget, H. (2013) Lets Meet a Doctor. Minneapolis, MN: Millbrook Press What does a Doctor do? A Doctor helps children when they are
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Kate, who visits a school to give Hennery, the class guinea pig, a checkup. She shows the class the tools she uses for the checkup. She tells them about the many things vets do. Vets are doctors for animals; their work can help people stay healthy too. Some animal illnesses can make people sick, so vets find cures for those illnesses. There are vets that go to the zoo to check up on the wildlife animals. Vets also groom pets which mean to clean the animals like brush their teeth, wash hooves, or trim a bird’s beak. Some of the told a vet uses are a stethoscope, x-ray, and a scale to make sure the animal is nice and

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