Essay About Politics In The Philippines

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Now and then there are rumors and news about Politics especially about politicians, but what is Politics? Politics is activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in government (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). What makes Politics bad? First is the corruption that the Philippine government can’t get away with. The reality about Politics is that money is power the more power you have, the more you stay, this strengthen the quote “Only the very wealthy who could afford to serve in Congress” (Deborah Stone) that is true and it can see in the government (Philippines). One of the exemple of this is the scam pointing to businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles as the scam’s mastermind, it is estimated that the government was swindled of about ₱10…show more content…
Second one is Political Dynasty; a dynasty is a succession of rulers of the same line of descent. Political dynasties are groups whose members occupy the same elective position for many successive elections, (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). One of the families is Macapagal family. The former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the daughter of the former President Diosdado Macapagal from 1957-1961. This family still reigns in their province, Pampanga and some areas in Camarines Sur and Negros Occidental. Former President Gloria Arroyo now holds a congressional position in Pampanga and three other relatives are part of the House of Representatives. Her children are into politics as well Diosdado Ignacio Arroyo is the current Congressman of the second district of Camarines Sur, while her brother-in-law, Ignacio Arroyo is in the fifth district of Negros Occidental. Her eldest son Mikey Arroyo, owns a seat in the House of Representatives and was part of the second district in Pampanga, (Cabigao,
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