The Catcher In The Rye Creative Writing

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It took forever to finish my essay, I worked hard on it the whole night. When I finished the essay I was weary. I woke up the next day having the same nightmare, watching my parents collide with another car. Darry and Sodapop had already cooked breakfast. “Good morning Ponyboy,” Sodapop said in a upbeat voice. “Good morning Ponyboy, did you finish your essay?,” Darry said nonchalantly. “Sure did Darry,” I said, as I ate my breakfast. After I stuffed my belly, I headed to school. On my way out I saw that Steve was crashed on the couch, his old man had probably went off on him the night before. I walked my usual route to school and thought to myself I probably forgot something. I walked into English class and sat down, Mr. Syme collected the essay and began grading them. I rushed out of class, but Mr. Syme caught me at the last minute. “Come over here Ponyboy.” Mr. Syme said in a serious tone. “Ponyboy your essay was full of grammatical errors and slang. I have no other choice than to fail you.” he said sympathetically. I…show more content…
I thought about a plan. This plan needed to be elaborate and deceptive. This took up most of my day, but I didn’t mind. I had not stop to eat and was not planning to. I thought about all the possible ways to escape. I narrowed them down and choose a sneaky and intricate plan. This plan would be difficult to execute, but definitely possible. I dreamt of what I would do when I trashed this Pokey. This brought tears to my eyes, because I did not know if Darry even loved me or was I just a chicken head to him. This thought sat in my head all day. This made it problematic because I could not concentrate fully on the plan. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Darry would miss me and would never let the police take me again. I imagined that when I returned home, the gang will protect me from the law. I would be safe. No calls from bat phones would be coming for me. All I could think of is of my exit from this
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