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A Look and a Listen
There are a million different types of music. Pop, rap, rock, alternative, indie, and classical and that’s leaving out all of the varieties within those genres I have not even mentioned native american flute music. Every type of music has a different impact on the listener, and the music world would not be complete without all of them. Yes, even country. To truly understand it is helpful to look at the most popular and arguably the most hated genres of music.

Popular music or pop is just what it sounds like popular music. Many people refuse to listen to it claiming it is “top forty junk” or that “it all sounds the same” however pop music is popular for a reason. It reflects our time the way people think and the problems
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However, rap is a legitimate type of music, has a rich history behind it, and often promotes positive messages. Rap originated in Jamaica, but the music style we think of when we hear “rap today” comes from the Bronx. 43.3% of people who live in the Bronx are African American, for this reason many African Americans identify with rap music and consider it a large part of their culture. Rap is a true art not many people have the ability to rap or even hold a beat. It’s incredible the way rap artists are able to come up with such strangely poetic lyrics and tell such complex stories in a matter of minutes Furthermore, when you look past the swearing and the way the words fly at you rap songs are often about spreading peace, love, and kindness. Some even have anti drug and gang messages. Dismissing rap as “devil's music” and “mind poison” is to write off a whole culture and stereotype the artists who create it, as well as the people who listen to…show more content…
The storytelling, back in the 1920s when country first came about cowboys ranchers would tell stories of their adventures and heartbreaks. Even though country music has evolved to fit the times, the heart of it has remained the same. Carrie Underwood paints powerful pictures with her lyrics. Taylor Swift manages to capture the entire plot Romeo and Juliet in three minutes as opposed to the play which is “two hours traffic”. The incredible perspectives and stories this music provides allows listeners to get lost in someone else's life and gain wisdom from them. The greatest gift a person can give. God bless

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