Listening To English Songs Essay

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THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Language is the key to the world of communication while term signifies things, sentences are expressions of truth and falsity and relevant to this statement, the proper or the correct usage things mentioned above are use in constructing and correcting grammar. Aside from this thought, a well-constructed sentences is composed of words that creates meaning or gives thought intended for the reader or the listener. This body of words that are purposively will form and use in a particular language is called vocabulary. The Vocabulary is one of the key elements in learning a foreign language and to always cause the students difficulties. David Wilkins once quoted that the importance of learning vocabulary that says: “without grammar, very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”. Listening to songs is one of the daily routines that have been a big part of the lives of the researchers. Within the years of studying and pursuing their dreams and aspirations, listening to songs have been their inspiration and the helping hand in order to address…show more content…
It has been two decades since music and its’ effects on learning has become a subject that interest many researcher in the field of education. Through the fast emerges of technology, having an access to music or songs became an effortless routine for the students nowadays. There is prevailing evidence from neuron-science that suggests songs as a powerful tool inasmuch as that it can have a long lasting effect on nonmusical abilities such as mathematics, motivation, attention, and especially English language. These effects are said to be capable of being observed not only from those individuals who have spent some time in musical training but also in ordinary individuals who have spent some time in musical training but also in ordinary individuals who has been engaged with music or songs. (Gardiner
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