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Poverty: Is there an Answer Since the begininning of time poverty has always been a problem all over the world. Poverty is the lack As time evolved poverty has been given a negative stereotype, and it gradually increases every year. Poverty is a act of living by low income and limited access to financial aid and economic resources. There are many reasons as to why there is poverty such as teen pregnancy, low demond of employer, & not enough jobs for people to work. Also it deals with where you fall on the poverty line. These things make poverty more common. The most common human need that poverty can attack is education. My feelings towards poverty is that i do not think that is going to change in the future. No one can stop poverty it is apart of our society. Poverty is not only just in the U.S. its all over world.

Poverty is lacking as such needs as cash, meals, water, clothing, or a home/saf place to stay. Accoding to The American economist Mollie Orshansky (1915–2006) poverty was known as the deprivation of "those goods and services and pleasures which others around us take for granted." Poverty is a global problem, but there is much debate regarding how to define poverty and how to remedy
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Here are somwe organixations or compainies that tried to eliminate. A chineease business that tried in Namibia donated 600,00 Naibiam dollars ( 47,000 U.S Dollars) to an anti poverty fund. In 2008, a Stanard Bank donated 250,000 to help a project that breaks the cycle of poverty. The last company that helped to break the cycle of poverty was a couple and the donated 150 million dollars to stanford university, to open a facilty to eliminate poverty in developing nations. There are many things that a person that isn’t in poverty can do that can help another person that is poverty. Things that they could do are, fiving them some money, help them get to where they need to be in

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