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Annika Ort Poverty in Ethiopia Ethiopia, the second most populated country, is home to 106.2 million people, and 37 million people live at or below the poverty line. For people like Louam, a nine-year-old girl, who finally got her wish to go to school, this is like a dream come true. Her mother and father have had six children, although Louam only lives with three of them. The two other sisters both are old enough to live by themselves. She is the only one in her family who has had the chance to go to school. School has been a huge disappointment for her though. She wishes that her other siblings could go as well, but because her family can just barely make a living sending her to school and still getting food for the family, what she does…show more content…
The UN should consider sending in a task force because it will improve the overall food insecurity problem. Ethiopia does not have enough money to afford a solution by themselves, and because it supports eradicating poverty and using global partnership which are millennium goals. By supplying Ethiopia with a task force, it will not only combat poverty, but it will improve the problem of food insecurity. For the people in Ethiopia who are poor, it doesn 't just affect life requirements like food, it also affects health, safety, and education. There have been many studies done, including one from Oxford that show how poverty directly correlates with the health, safety, and education of poor people. The results show that people have gotten so depressed(which is not good for their) that they have committed or attempted suicide. Unfortunately, some people decide that rather than suffer from food insecurity they would rather take their own life. This does not only affect the fact that now they can’t live longer, but they can’t be there for their family through hard times and when they need support. If we send in a task force, it will not only decrease food insecurity, but the rate of suicides and people who are unable to

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