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Here in South Africa, we are faced with a poverty problem that extends back to the apartheid era. Our country faces not only a relative poverty situation, but also an absolute one, and with many attempts to bring poverty to an end failing, the current gap between rich and poor in South Africa is growing. This essay will explain poverty, failed attempts to end it and some possible solutions to bring poverty to an end.

South Africa faces a relative poverty situation. This is where there is a large divide between rich and poor, with some South Africans living above the poverty line while others lives and incomes are worse than the general standard of living. Not only this, but certain South Africans also face absolute poverty, where they face lack of basic necessities, isolation from social activities, lack of information and hope, and fear for their children’s lives and futures due to poverty. In South Africa alone, 18 million children are affected by poverty and there is a 23.3% unemployment rate. These shocking figures emphasize the poor poverty situation South Africa faces. Sickness, no income and poor education all play large roles in poverty in South Africa.
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Three main factors play their part: Poor education, illness and globalization. During the apartheid era, black students were forced with participating in a bantu education system, where black children were only taught agricultural things, instead of the fundamentals like math’s or science, in order for them to work in factories for white men. Not only this, but there was also only one teacher for every 60 black students. This poor education system created a lot of poorly educated people, which lead to poverty, as they are not able to find jobs, as they are under

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