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Every generation of youth is different in important ways. There are negatives and positives in both generations. If we take a look at the present and past generation of young people, one can instantly realize the great gap that now exists between both generations. This generation of youths has developed different attitude, work ethics, discipline and creativity compared to past generation. Most say that the children of yesterday were preferably worthier unlike children today. I believe that the previous generations played a heavy role in shaping today’s generation in some ways. Both children of today and yesterday are drastically different in many ways as generations’ pass each generation gets wiser from better and for worst. Many say that…show more content…
According to an article by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, compared to the previous generations, high school graduates are more likely to want lots of money and nice things, but less likely to say they’re willing to work hard to earn them, “said Twenge, author of the book “Generation Me”. Most young people today would get a normal job to buy a car or other fancy materialistic things rather than to buy a home or put themselves through college. Most young people todays work ethics are poor workers. They are not dedicated and shows no respect for work authority. They want to report to work late, used their cell phones on the job and do their work carelessly without expecting a penalty for such poor work ethic. Today it is very hard for a young person to get a good without qualifications. The youth of today can’t be trusted. Older persons on the job that are of the past generations are afraid to retire because there are unsure and afraid of what today’s generation will do when they take over. For example, if we were to look at the government, the majority of people are ready for retirement having only a few to replace them for this generation today. There has been a great change in the work ethics of youths today and youths of the
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