Essay About Problems With Teenagers

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There is finally an answer to your day-to-day struggles with your teenager. Have you ever thought about the best way to control your teenager? Do you often wonder why they treat you with disrespect or why they never spend time with you? It is a known fact that the majority of teenagers prefer to spend time alone than bond with their parents so you should not worry if your teen isolates themselves from you. However there are ways to deal with this issue and I have the answers here in this article. I am a teenager myself so I will advise you within this piece on the best way to deal with your teen and how to prevent disastrous arguments from occurring. The topic of teenage style has proven to cause distress between teenagers and their parents with regard to their clothes or accessory choices. I am aware that you probably regard your teenager’s fashion as bizarre and outrageous but I believe that you should just let them be. It is probably their way of expressing themselves or a way to fit in with their friends. Although you may not be fond of what they wear, they are just following the latest fashion crazes and you ought to remember that times…show more content…
Even if you were both faultless you would probably still disagree. On a daily basis, you and your teen may argue over every little incident and they may seem like they detest you but deep they do not intend for it to seem like that; they just become agitated easily therefore causing arguments. Your arguing may not seem like it but it strengthens the relationship between the two of you and in the end everything will turn out okay. Eventually you will both see eye to eye because as they mature, your arguments will decrease and become much less strenuous therefore you should not be cocerned as your arguing will not last
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