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Why do we need to be proficient in English? Well, English language is the official language of large number of countries in the world. It is the most dominant business language and it has become a need for individuals to speak English. It is used as a medium of instruction in school and to be able to perform well you have to be proficient enough in the language. It will also open up more opportunities for you. If you are to enter an international workforce, communication is most often conducted in English. But what is the English literacy rate here in the Philippines? Are Filipino students getting a quality English education?
The Philippines is always referred to as an English-Speaking country. It is used to be one of the most proficient in English language among Asian countries, but it’s been declining through the years. The IDP, Education Pty. Ltd. Philippines, an accredited group that administers the international English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) also released test results of Filipinos seeking to work and migrate abroad and it showed that Philippines is no longer the Top English-Speaking country in Asia.
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The Department of Education and our government strengthen the effort of providing an educational system that will improve student’s comprehensive knowledge in English language. However, programs and projects conducted by schools are not enough to support and sustain the development of English language proficiency and competency to the Filipino students. Teachers have to be competent and competitive enough in using the language to effectively teach students in becoming knowledgeable and confident in communicating with the use of English language. Students must be provided with varied activities and/or learning experiences that could help them reach the optimum level of their communicative

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