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Perceptions of Nursing Students at De La Salle Lipa about Public Health Care in the Philippines

Amid the Spanish regime (1591-1898) brother Juan Clemente began Public Health administration through a dispensary in Intramuros in year 1577. In this administration, water sanitation began, little pox immunization was likewise presented and the making of position of region, commonplace additionally national health office happened. In year 1906, the production of Bureau of Health occurred. In year 1912, Public Health Nursing (PHN) began in Cebu. Following three years, PHN started in Manila. In year 1947, Department of Health was separated into 3 authorities: (a) Hospital (b)
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In the Philippines, right up until the present time, "public health nursing" is seen as a subspecialty nursing practice for the most part conveyed inside of "authority" or administrative organizations. As of late, the American Public Health Association has changed the models of practice for this claim to fame territory (ANA, 2007).

Public health nursing is not so much distinctive in nursing practice with that of clinical nursing bound in the four corners of the healing facility. It likewise advances health and forestalls sickness through instruction and health teachings, gives solace and care through its fragile nursing care mediations, and stresses therapeutic and rehabilitative intercessions through individualized productive methodologies. Be that as it may, its eccentricity includes extending so as to mind a solitary customer as well as through the entire family and the group (Community Health Nursing Services in the Department of Health Philippines,
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