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Learning Public Speaking Skills from the leading-public speaking trainer in Nepal-Rajesh Panday
Speaking is a form of expressions that can influence others. Most of the people fear of speaking in front of people. However, speaking is one of essential skills that is required in every pace of life. In 21st century, effective communication is one of the basic element in personal and professional achievement.
To learn public speaking from experienced trainer is an opportunity to fulfill one’s desire to be successful in one’s field. Rajesh Panday is a synonymous name for public speaking training in Nepal, who has been conducting impactful trainings since the last 5 years.
Panday, who has a work-history in radio for about 15 years, had carried out
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I can vividly remember these days. As I continued reading books, I started to visualize the whole things, and everything inside me started to come: experience of working in media and emceeing for that number of years, and studied mass communication, and all other experiences. It all started to come in my mind, and build a structure. As I continued reading the book, the realization became stronger that public speaking is my area, and I then felt like I can, and should train people on public speaking,” he reflects his beginning days into the journey of public speaking training.
Immediately after he was done with the curriculum and syllabus for the training, he along with his friends conducted 34 different training sessions in 16 districts, every day, over a duration of 40 days. In the course of conducting the trainings, they travelled to Lumbini, Illam, Dharan, Pokhara, and Kathmandu. “I enjoyed that,” Panday reminisces, adding “It refined me as a trainer. It polished me, and my course. After the trainings, I got to know where I need edto improve. I also took feedbacks from all these trainees, more than 1200 in number. And, based on the feedbacks, I further refined the

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