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THE PUPPY Introducing a puppy to a new home and family should be done in a calm and relaxed way. The puppy may well appear done in a calm and relaxed way. The puppy may well appear apprehensive in strange surroundings and it should be allowed to explore in its own time. Many people worry about introducing a new puppy into a household containing other pets. Usually such worries are groundless provided the causes of jealousy are kept to a minimum.
Puppies should always be handled gently and spoken to quietly, as it is essential they should have confidence in their owner before they can be taught anything. Never pick a dog up suddenly or roughly. Always support the animal’s body weight with your arm and hold firmly without clutching. A bitch will carry her pups by the scruff of their necks, but by eight weeks old most puppies are too heavy to be carried in this fashion.
Every dog should have its own bed in a warm, quiet, draught-free place. Puppies are destructive, so elaborate and expensive equipment should not be used. A stout cardboard box placed on its side makes a good bed for a puppy which is live indoors, as it is easily replaced when it falls to pieces or is outgrown. Bedding should be easily washable and easily replaceable. Cast-off clothing with the
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Also included in the immunization should be protection against hepatitis, a severe virus disease which attacks the liver, and two forms of Leptospiral infections. The inoculations take the form of injections which are usually given at three months old, but may be given earlier. Your veterinary surgeon will advise the right time and will also recommend booster inoculations when these become necessary. In countries where rabies is present, anti-rabies inoculations can be given at six months of

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