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11 Interesting Mysteries about the Pyramids Many people have been taught in history lessons about the ancient pyramids. However, only few might have taken the initiative to research deeper into their history, locations and what could have led to their extinction. First and foremost, it’s important to get a clear overview of the various places where these pyramids were built. They were built in Sudan, Mesopotamia, Nigeria, Spain, Greece, Mesoamerica, the Roman Empire, China, Indonesia and Peru. Some of them still exist to date but others got demolished and eroded due to poor or no maintenance at all. A lot has been said about pyramids. Some are facts while others are myths. Here are 11 Interesting Mysteries about the Pyramids. 1. The 8-Sided…show more content…
They have conglomerate, gravel and rocks formations. The interior walls were made of limestone while the interior face of the temples was made of mud bricks. Mud bricks were also commonly used to build palaces, houses and municipal buildings. Open pits were made of Alabaster. Granite, Basalt and Alabaster were usually transported from Southern Egypt so as to build the pyramids. 8. Ancient Pyramids in Bosnia The Pyramid of the Moon is found in Bosnia. It is believed to be the world’s oldest and largest step pyramid. Visocica Hill was discovered in Visoko by Semir Osmanagic. He transformed it to a stepped pyramid in 2006. There are two pyramid-shaped hills opposite Visocica Hill. They have a height of 720 feet. The Pyramid of the Dragon is believed to be more than 11,000 years old. It is also near Visocica Hill. The purpose of building these pyramids is still unknown. 9. Uses of Ancient Pyramids They had a variety of uses which include; storing valuables for the rich, a source of energy connecting Egyptians and their gods, a morgue of pharaohs, queens and kings, a place to clean muddy water drawn from the River Nile, a granary for wheat during famines and a place of shelter protecting people from

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