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Over the course of my lifetime, I have been known as the adventurous one. The one who would travel to unimaginable locations, or the one who would desire to explore unknown and vague destinations. With this in mind, there is one thing I am certain of; I have a significant and meaningful querencia. Knowing my exploratious personality, one may assume that my querencia would be berserk and out of the ordinary, but this couldn't be any further away from the truth. Sometimes it's the simplest of places that connect with one’s soul like no other, or shape them to be the person they are. Although, I have come in touch with several valuable locations that have made me to be the person I am today, my main querencia is my grandparents’ house. About five…show more content…
It was a place where I could cut all negativity and fear to live in a fantasy with no worries. On one warm, summer afternoon, I lay on my grandparents’ beach beneath the bright, golden sun. The sea was jewel-blue and the sky was like a curtain of silk. The waves were ripping gently and steadily crawling towards the shore. While feeling the grainy texture of the sand, I bent my feet back and forth and childishly fooled around as I endlessly built sandcastles. I rapidly turned my head to notice my grandfather on the rugged coast of the ocean, with his fishing pole directly in front of him. We would wait hours for the smallest movement on the pole, in hopes that our goal of catching fish would be fulfilled. The fishing experience brought us closer like two peas in a pod because we learned each others’ strengths and weaknesses while simultaneously enjoying ourselves. Continually, I gradually creeped up to the shore and felt the ocean’s raw, salty mist blow through my hair and gently touch my face. My wrinkly toes were above thousands of microscopic pebbles. I ventured further down the beach only to see numerous rocks and shells begin to appear. They ranged in various size and color, from as big as my foot to virtually unnoticeable, and from pitch black to as white as snow. The rays

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