My Querencia Narrative

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Over the course of my lifetime, I have been known as the adventurous one. The one who would travel to unimaginable locations, or the one who would desire to explore unknown and vague destinations. With this in mind, there is one thing I am certain of; I have a significant and meaningful querencia. Knowing my exploratious personality, one may assume that my querencia would be berserk and out of the ordinary, but this couldn't be any further away from the truth. Sometimes it's the simplest of places that connect with one’s soul like no other, or shape them to be the person they are. Although, I have come in touch with several valuable locations that have made me to be the person I am today, my main querencia is my grandparents’ house. About five years ago, going to my grandparents’ house was something I did multiple times a week. I was consistently eager about going there so my mind could easily escape from the real world. It was a place where I could…show more content…
I gained a tremendous amount of self awareness and confidence, and have been more healthy minded than ever before. Ever since the moment I first visited my querencia, I knew I would have an emotional attachment to it, but little did I know that this small, simple location could make me become more spiritual, peaceful, and mentally stable than ever before. My grandparents house is my safe spot and I know that whatever happens during my lifetime, it’ll be there for me. To this day, I still get chills down my spine when I find out that I will return to their house. I will never forget the nostalgic times I’ve had which have gave me support and strength when I most needed it. If all else fails or if I am in the throes of harsh times, I would certainly make a small getaway to their house. Despite being bold, adventurous, audacious, and having explored a collective amount of places, I’ll always know that my grandparent’s house will be my one true
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