Racism Issue

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Racism Issue
By: Mary Ong

My issue is about racism and how it affects people. I have chosen racism for my issue because I always hear about people bullying others because of their different color or race, and I want that to STOP! Racism is important to me because people get hurt because of racism and in America some police get forced to kill those who are a different color, and there’s no reason why they would do that.

I have researched about my three questions I asked about racism! I put all my information that I have researched about down below!

Racism is when someone gets treated differently or badly than other people just because of their color or culture, Racism can lead to wars, slavery, the creation of nations and laws. Racism
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But there are so many already!
Have you heard about girl scouts or boy scouts where they do fun outdoor or indoor activities on weekends or holidays? Well, I thought of having a scout for those kids that are being bullied at school or in public societies because of their differences and or color! I thought also to have it at school for anyone interested and not just for those who are bullied because the scout can be for ANYONE!
There are many organisations around the world who are fighting against racism most of them are websites explaining how to stand up for yourself and also how to stop racism! The most helpful websites are the guardian, thats us, childline, oxford dictionaries, it stops with me.humanrights! People even spray paint in public so that anyone interested can help in a way they think can solve this massive
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Also help the people who get left behind and teased just because of their differences, tell them how they can deal with bullying! What if those people don’t have anywhere else to stay because of rules like the refugees are not able to live in America because of Donalds rules. Try and help out so that we can make the World a better place! Everyone can take a stand against racism in their communities So keep active and help

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