Teaching Teens

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The word teen or tween means being at the age between twelve (12) to nineteen (19) years old by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In many times, children perceive that parents are their first teacher, the guidance counsellor in home when they have problems and good memories that they able to share. Also they are the banker who controls the finances and the planner or alarm clock, who always reminds the whole family. This book is from the two mothers reunited for such a big role in the family and in raising kids. They shared their experiences and they gave opinion not just in their organization yet as well to the readers. Guide to be open to their kids, handling the kids from childhood to adulthood with different interest, abilities and
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In having a tight relationship to the families will have the chance to have a great foundation of having a relationship through friends and to be partners. The parent has the big role in guiding the kids, since the parents experienced these changes of emotion towards the other in there teenagers. Questions from the kids might ask to their parents, and they expect honest response which it will build trust and ready for openness, when there are some problems will occur.
Chapter 5- The CFO (Teaching Teens the value of Dollar) They said, it easy to find a money than a life. Money is equivalent of having a responsibility, there is hardworking and dedication. Teaching kids the value of money will enhance more their being responsible in many things not just because they are still young and they can buy and do the every cent that their parents gave them. As young as they are right now, they are able to manage and weigh their decision in terms of managing their own money or what they have right now.
Chapter 6- The Referee (The Art of Disciplining a
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It will prepare me in my future if I would be a mother. It gives me knowledge about some changes that might experience by some teenagers were I did not experience when I was teen. It gives me full understanding how the mothers feel at all raising kids, letting them go on what they will do in their life. Our mother experiences many things and they have also needed an outlet, which can get and give ideas in raising kids. They (mother) want to protect their kids as much but they need also to accept that kids have many choices and have their own decisions.
Sometimes our parents have many trials and errors to make just to raise their kids in right and accordance from Above. As what other people say, “The best teacher is our experiences in life”.
Raising kids are not only based on what the mother reads from any book, but it has many things to do about their real experiences. It helps a lot the experiences from other mothers that experiencing the same situations and difficulties. Putting trust to the kids the same trust in God. They are many worries and difficulties that mothers always bringing, however it will vanish if they could see their kids making their own way and successful of where they
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