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Disappointedly I haven’t had much experience with reading and writing. The only experience I would count with reading and writing is when it came to schoolwork. Having to write papers I didn’t want to write. Reading boring books I was not interested in. I think since I was graded in doing these assignments I didn’t have a liking in reading a book or writing in my free time. I think due to the fact that I had no choice but to read these books and having to write these papers, I didn’t have any kind of enjoyment in reading or writing anymore. Sadly I haven’t succeeded much in writing or reading. Luckily, I have gotten good grades in some assignments related to reading or writing. Although English isn’t my first language, I have obviously failed a few times too. I think that’s another reason related to why I’m not into reading or writing. Honestly I really want to get into it though. I want to read a book that leaves me in the edge of my seat. That excitement you get while reading an astonishing book and you just don’t want to let it down. That sadness you get when you’ve come to the end of a book, feeling like you just want to start it all over again because it was that good.
I also want to start writing more and actually enjoy it. Writing and reading can be very therapeutic and it’s very good
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You can write your personal thoughts on a paper for school that they have assigned to you. Although, most of the papers you have to write are not related to your personal thoughts and you cant write your opinions. Schoolwork and personal writing is also similar because you are writing in general. The topic they give you to write on, or the diary you are writing in, you are still writing otherwise. In my opinion, I don’t think personal writing and writing for school share many similarities. I honestly think they are completely different, but in the end you are still writing in both

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