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Challenges. There are many challenges in people’s lives, but refugees face even more immense challenges than average people. The life of a Refugee can be exhausting and require incredible resilience. Refugees face a variety of political, social and economic challenges on a daily basis.

The first set of challenges that refugees face are ones that are related to politics. A challenge that is commonly faced by refugees is the government not accepting them into the country. Only 45,000 Syrian refugees are being allowed into the United States each year according to ‘The perspective’.

A refugee might not be allowed to have legal documents, which means that they are stateless, and can’t find work. And even if they did find work, they might find themselves with long work hours and lower wages. Without documents and work, one cannot support their family either.

Furthermore, challenges that are related to the Economy. Finding Employment is really hard for refugees, especially if they are not educated, or they have no experience. People might even work for rations of food. Without money,
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The first challenge refugees face that is related to Society is the Language barrier. For example, Syrian refugees in America. The refugees must learn how to speak, read, and write english. Otherwise, they cannot communicate with each other, they cannot find work, to get an education, and they might even be denied a citizenship. With English as the Predominant Language, They must learn it if they haven’t already, and that can be really hard, especially if you are older. The second challenge is children getting an education. Refugees might not be able to afford to send their children to school. And even if they could, There might not be any schools for refugee children to attend. A lot of refugee children find it very difficult to succeed and graduate, for they are so behind already. It is even harder for them to break out of the poverty cycle

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