Essay About Religion In Schools

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Religions in Schools
Driving Question: Should American Schools Teach Religion?
Working Thesis: American schools should teach religions because students will learn more about their religions, and will hopefully stop doing bad thing like smoking and cursing.
They will learn more about their religions if American schools taught religions
The student will have better futures if schools taught religion because they will know more about what they are and aren’t supposed to do.
Teaching religion in schools has been a major topic that is avoided at all cost. But why? By examining the different reason why people avoid bringing up the issue, it will allow a better understanding of why high schools should teach religion. The way that movies and books treat religion taught in schools is not a fair way to perceive it. Last year a study was brought up asking many young children what they thought about religion and what it
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It’s a part of life. Not everyone will understand the reason for learning about religion in schools. However, it is how the school handles these misunderstanding that will pave the way for all other schools and future teachers and students. In the article Public schools shouldn’t preach. But they should teach kids about religion written by Linda K. Wertheimer describes her encounter with religion when she was growing up.
“One afternoon that first week, a woman hired by local churches walked into my public-school classroom and my regular teacher left. She stuck figures of Jesus Christ and his disciples on a flannel board, told us how Jesus could solve people’s problems and, a little while later, asked us all to sing the hymn, “Jesus Loves Me.”My brothers and I were the only Jewish kids in the school system, and every week when it came time for religion class, my 11-year-old brother and I were, effectively, banished by our classroom teachers” (Wertheimer
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