Argumentative Essay On Religion

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In our current day, everyone has an opinion on religion whether they believe in it or not. Religion gives people a sense of comfort and fulfillment and definitely serves as a base for morals and values. Religion is a funny thing though; it is ever-changing and always evolving. Religion can be seen in most societies throughout the ages although they are all different. Belief in gods and otherworldly powers started popping up ages ago with first sights of Hinduism which is still seen today but has taken a backseat to other religions such as Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, and even a nonbelieving denomination known as atheists. As highlighted in the textbook Cultures of the West, in earlier times there were a few religions floating around…show more content…
Approximately around the 1340’s, the Black Death was rampant through Europe. There were three variations of it called bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic. The people of the time believed the plague was a punishment of God because they had no knowledge of germs and how they spread. The plague was killing many people and out of fear they came together in churches to pray but this only spread things more. The priest and noblemen fled leaving their people to die. Once the plague had subsided, what was left of the population was left confused as to what they did wrong in Gods eyes and with rapidly diminishing faith in the church. In attempt to salvage their followers the Catholic Church began to sell shortened time in purgatory known as indulgences. The selling of indulgences served to usher in an age of reform because a man known as Martin Luther began to attack priesthood. He did not believe that the pope nor the church had the right to sell indulgences and he made this known in his 95 thesis. He was very careful with his statements though as to not have the same faith as Menocchio. His words were met with a lot of excitement and actually led to townspeople fighting people of higher power and standing. Martin Luther shut this down immediately and encouraged them to kill any of the peasants/townspeople that way things did not become too out of
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