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INTRODUCTION Rescue to me is about helping someone out of a situation that they don’t want to be in. One that is beyond their capabilities. To rescue is to assist an individual in need, to help someone who cannot help themselves. Being able to get a patient to an emergency health care facility is just as important as providing the emergency health care on scene. In emergency medicine combined with rescue we focus on patients in physical danger that could cause injury, further injury and/or death. This rescue I am talking about is divided into different types of rescue such as, mountain rescue, vehicle extrication, helicopter rescue, rope rescue, wilderness search and rescue, confined spaces recue, high angle rescue, trench rescue, swift-water…show more content…
This comes in within the different services because each service has its own related scope of practice. Some more differences come in with mountain rescuers for example needing to know their surroundings more than anything. Water rescue personal need to be very good swimmers. Just to name a few. Similarities included in every division speaks of knowledge on the equipment used and the limitations there of being vital. It is expected of you to be physically fit. For you to have a healthy mind to work through frustration and find solutions. One of the most important similarity between the types of rescue is that one needs to have the passion for the job. A hard worker. Dedicated to the cause. Selfless. Courageous. Intelligent. It is not sunshine and roses all the time. It was said to not be a hero because heroes get killed. It is not through being an adrenaline junkie that you would be up for the task of saving another person’s life. Some people do it for the fun of it. Some do it for the reward of being a life saver. Others have the feeling of euphoria, the feeling of self-worth placing someone else’s life before their own. In all of this, what matters is that someone’s family member or loved one will live to see another day because you met the requirements, the expectations and persevered through the training required to be a
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