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Tips for Enjoying Restaurants in Paris

Paris is one of the world’s great restaurant cities. This is not just because France’s best chefs choose to open up shop here, but also because the cooking styles found in the rural areas of France and in the smaller cities are celebrated in the best Parisian restaurants. And of course, the overall experience is a major part of the attraction. Al fresco dining at a leisurely pace with free-flowing wine and bottomless baskets of bread add to the allure of the restaurants of Paris.

France has a baffling array of restaurants; some quite touristy and others hidden down side streets that are only known to locals. You will find some great meals in the City of Lights just by “following your nose,” but you can also create a list of the best restaurants in Paris to help guide you during your culinary adventure.

Budget eating
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These are located throughout the city. In the center of Paris, you will find sandwiches and various forms of crepes for only a few € a serving. In the Marais area, Chinese take-out joints and quality falafel stands are the best choice for cheaper eating. A sandwich in a cafe or a dish at one of the hundreds of ethnic eateries around the city will also save you money. Dinner can be expensive (don’t expect to find a meal in a decent place for under €30). However, there is one trick to saving money on full meals: go to the nicer restaurants for lunch instead of dinner. You’ll get the same dishes, but for a cheaper price. Of course, for a real Parisian experience, you will have to splurge at least once or twice during your
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