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A Global Citizen is someone who is informed, purposeful, active, and law-abiding in their community. In “The Cove” Ric O’Barry displays how he is a good global citizen striving to raise awareness for thousands of dolphins being slaughtered across the world. When Ric O’Barry first discovered that twenty-three thousand dolphins get murdered every year in Japan he was horrified. He became an animal activist who does anything to save and raise awareness for dolphins.Although Ric breaks the law he is still an informed, purposeful, and active global citizen. Throughout The Cove Ric O’Barry and his team break many laws in order to accomplish their goal of releasing the imprisoned Dolphins. When Ric and his team first arrived in Japan, they had been warned to stay away from the shores where all the slaughtering took place. Ric and his crew broke the law and cut the net to release several dolphins, which…show more content…
This shows how determined and active Ric O’Barry and his team are as they are willing to do anything to protect the dolphins. In the beginning of the documentary, Ric risks his freedom releasing the imprisoned dolphins. This proves how Ric is a good global citizen because he risked his freedom for the dolphins. I believe that Ric and his team are active and good global citizens as they take extreme measures to raise awareness for the dolphins. In conclusion, Rick O’Barry and his crew demonstrate prime examples of good global citizens as they raise awareness for the slaughter of dolphins. They were able to change the public’s opinion on hunting dolphins and stop the kids in Taiji from consuming the contaminated dolphin meat. Although Ric broke the law, he did it to save thousands of dolphin lives while he was still active, informed, and purposeful which makes him a good global
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