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Sparkling beaches, strikingly beautiful mountains with the backdrop of samba and bossa nova- what more do you need to fall in love with a place? The largest Art Deco statue in the world, Christ the Redeemer, and needless to mention, the soccer superstar Ronaldo, among many other attractions beckon visitors to unravel the marvels of Rio de Janeiro themselves.
History of Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro is the city it is today because of its historical past. Portuguese rulers were the first ones to rule Rio as they landed on the soil of Guanabara Bay on the 1st of January, 1502. The bay forms the opening of a river, hence the name ‘Rio de Janeiro’ which means ‘River of January’. The French also wanted to make the best of the strategic position of Rio in the Brazilian region and tried to make a foothold in the city but were debarred from the city after two years of intense war. To protect from further invasions, the city was moved to a safer position on a hill, which was later named as Castle Hill.
Its economic development was fueled by sugar cane and
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Things to do for kids in Rio de Janeiro: The beaches are giant sandy playgrounds and your child will never get bored of playing with the waves drenching them or making sand castles. Is your child an ardent soccer fan? Take him to the Maracana Stadium and he may thank you later for getting to meet a famous soccer player. The Jardim Botanico (Botanical garden) is also worth a visit for its fascinating variety of flora and fauna.
Places Nearby: Petropolis is worth a visit for its Summer Palace which was home to Brazilian emperors. The climate is cool and the surroundings exude serenity. It is an hour’s drive from Rio. You could also visit Samba city in the neighboring town of Gamboa. It is the origin of Carioca samba and is also known for its geometric

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