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A. Road accident. What do you think about it? Why it is happened every year until it lead into increasing loss of many lives?

B. Nowadays, statistic of road accident in Malaysia are getting higher each year. In the past year, road accident in Malaysia ranked 17th globally . This show that Malaysia stated higher rate of road accident compared to the neighbouring country such as Singapore and Thailand. Government has done many thing to reduce the higher amount of loss lives such as awareness campaign, effective laws and others.

C. There are many causes that cause road accident such as distracted driving, condition of the road and also the driver’s attitude.


A. First of all is distracted driving cause
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Why while driving, the driver still can be distracted? This is because their focus has been blow away by texting, talking to the passenger, watching a video and others. Activities such as texting, enjoying video and others will make the driver lost their focus on driving. So, if the driver keep on texting and using their mobile phone while driving, the percentage of road accident to be happening are higher. a. Limited ability. Human being are limited in ability to divide attention between competing task. It’s mean that human cannot focus on two activities in the same time. Same situation for the driver, that they should not texting, enjoying video and others while driving due to their limited ability. Studies show that the risk of collision for a person that texting or calling while driving up to 23 times than a person who do not texting or calling while driving…show more content…
Malaysian driver did not apply a good value into driving. This will lead to the more increasing rate of road accident in Malaysia for the next year. Distracted driving be the most dangerous cause among the causes because in this era, invention of smart phone will overpass the driver in many ways such as texting and calling while driving. These situations make the driver cannot pay attention on driving because human are limited in ability to divide their attention between competing task and the same goes on the other

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