Essay About Rocket Ship

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Bonbo, Jeff, and Niome are best friends they have all known each other since kindergarten and are all currently in 7th grade the ship was orange as a pumpkin. Jeff is the smartest person you will ever know since kindergarten he has been interested in rocket ships. He has been building a rocket ship since kindergarten, Niome and Bonbo did not know this till now. Today Jeff has had plans to tell then,he chose today because he knew they would be mature enough to not tell anyone. When Jeff told Niome and Bonbo they thought it was awesome and were so excited when Jeff told them that this summer they were going to go in his rocket ship and fly to see if they could discover a new planet, the problem for Niome and Bonbo was they did not want to wait…show more content…
Jeff and Niome were sitting in there couch and suddenly there house was melting and the only thing that could happen is if there was something or someone on the outside touching it. Those 2 were starting to make there was out, and then they saw that there were the things covered in the oobleck. Jeff was thinking that the people that had been on the planet had been in the planet and had not died because somehow they have a source of air. Then they saw Bonbo he was covered in oobleck and they were all trying to get them. Niome was thinking that they were trying to make them oobleck people. Right then is when Jeff thought that he could use the oobleck people to throw his ship off the planet and then he could steer the ship the way he wants it to go. So Jeff told Niome the plan and Niome agreed. Now all they needed to do was make them mad so Jeff started to make oobleck balls to throw and sure enough that made them mad. It was time to get Bonbo and get on that
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